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Alison founded Women@Englewood in order to help women at IHS Markit arrive at their full potential; to identify and connect with supporters of women at the firm; and to break barriers in the realm of Diversity and Inclusion. Attendance of the group has now grown to over 50 participants each month, with increased awareness, braver discussions, and a strong enthusiasm for the space to learn. Each meeting intentionally ‘shares the mic’ with women that might not have visibility, and intersectionality is emphasized through partnerships with other affinity groups. Women@Englewood’s work prompted the publication of gender diversity stats at each level in the company, and led to discussions about the need for systemic changes. In another role as Americas Region Champion for the whole of the Women’s Network, Alison has helped collaborate on activities across North and South America, including working on global programming such as the celebrations for International Women’s Day, which over 400 people attended.